Re-branding for Recharging & Reinvigorating brands

Newer brands are born every single day as existing brands which have reached growth plateau fall by the wayside. In a market populated densely by millennials with high expendable incomes, it is imperative for brands to evolve with changing times and emerging trends or simply become archaic. Taking a cue, top branding agencies of India are already focusing on rebranding.

The millennial effect

The contemporary consumer especially the millennials segment is spoilt for choice; these consumers are highly fickle minded and are always on the lookout for newer brands/products. As per a recent survey 77% of the larger consumer segment has a clear disconnect with existing brands and 44% of millennials are always looking to upgrade to a better brand/product as compared to the ones suggested or used by their parents/elders.
The larger objective of rebranding is to positively influence market perceptions about a product or brand. It’s about revitalizing a brand by imparting a more modern outlook to make it seem relevant to the contemporary market needs.

The need for rebranding

In a market survey of almost 3,000 customers conducted by SDL group, it was established that four out of every five customers would walk away from a brand and never give it a second chance if the brand doesn’t meet their expectations. This alarming statistic drives the critical nature of rebranding in enabling brands to stay relevant. Rapidly changing customer expectations, spiraling competition, rising number of millennial consumers, digital marketplaces, globalization, lifecycle saturation etc are some of the reasons triggering rebranding.

The process of rebranding

Rebranding is the nuanced process of effecting a set of mostly tangible changes around the brand identity to alter market perceptions. The broader strategy includes change of name, logo design, home colors, marketing collaterals and the tone of voice (A combination of all of them or some of them). The bottom line is to create a different identity for a brand and thereby amplify its longevity.

Types of rebranding

Rebranding is of two basic types, Proactive rebranding and Reactive rebranding. Proactive rebranding is commissioned when a brand seeks further growth, explore new business horizons or to simply reconnect with its existing user segment. Reactive rebranding is done when an existing brand has to be discontinued or have its identity completely changed. Key drivers could be mergers & acquisitions, legal issues, neutralizing negative publicity, taking on the competition or an acute need to create a niche positioning.

Our examples of successful rebranding

Doy Care – Leveraging brand growth by 40%

DOY CARE from VVF Ltd. (consumer brand of India’s largest contract manufacturing company) a 75-year-old MNC  into personal Care products aiming for a strategic brand makeover.

Challenge – To transform the brand experience by revamping the pack design intuitively communicating the core of being pure & natural.

Rebranding solution included re-positioning DOY CARE with a distinct brand image, establishing pure & natural as key attributes. Rebranding spanned developing a robust unifying visual architecture that is ingredient focused covering the larger product range for a strong & coherent shelf impact.

Brand Identity – NATURE as a mirror showcasing one’s natural beauty symbolized through leaves / blooming petals & drop capturing a liberating movement.

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SG Cricket – Changing the face of world’s largest and India’s #1 Cricket gear brand

SG an 80 year old brand acknowledged as the largest cricket gear logo in India, a nation where cricket is a religion. The brand was looking to stay relevant in the new age.

The challenge – To reposition the brand as a world class, dependable entity in a market flooded with MNC brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc.

The rebranding exercise was preceded by a process of learning about the company, the brand, the business and its Human aspects. Visual communication spanned instilling the brand values and creating a powerful icon using stylized typography encapsulated by a shield. Visual architecture included deploying a brand strap line as an inner call of inspiration to the sportsperson: Believe. Become.

Brand Identity – Bold, Robust, Performance in the face of adversity. SG reflects the courage that sportspeople demonstrate by winning against the odds.

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Rebranding – The golden rules

As per Procreate Branding, one of the top design agencies of Mumbai, rebranding should adhere to the following rules.

  • Rebranding should convey a brand story
  • Never ever compromise the existing brand equity
  • Do not tamper unnecessarily – If it’s not broke, don’t fix it
  • Rebranding should always amplify the brand appeal
  • Do not take half measures in rebranding exercises
  • Do not rebrand just for the sake of it without a genuine need

– Akhilesh Prasad
CEO, Procreate Branding, a Mumbai based creative powerhouse and a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the areas of advertising, marketing, brand building and continuum.


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