Brands that Love the
Consumers Back…

At Procreate, the emphasis is on brands which connect & bond with consumers. We are all for brands which are not just commodities; we build brands which can be owned, embraced, loved and love back for a lifetime. We reimagine every brand from a humanized perspective.

By Bonding at
Multiple Levels..

Brand building philosophy at Procreate factors
in several vital touch points including intuitive,
logical & emotional nodes. Our brands are built
to bond with the humane core of consumers.
They are devised to resonate with a multi sensory
appeal factoring in beliefs, thoughts, bonding &
love. It s the art of taking brand building science
to the next level of evolution.

And offering experiential equity
leveraging BDFH…

People respond to people -Period.
Procreate believes in shunning conventional
robotic marketing tactics to focus on being relatable,
interesting, and most importantly, HUMAN. BDFH – brand
design for humans is a proprietary tool developed
by Procreate to infuse brands with optimized
human attributes. BDFH empowers customers
and enables brands to find the emotional connect.

Brand Design for Humans

A Truly Unique Design Methodology!


  • State the utility value
  • Frame a distinct value proposition

Conceptualize & visualize brand architecture that appeals to intuitive, emotional & logical nodes


  • Identify the empathizing values involved
  • Trigger the relevant human feelings

Analyze & express ways of building consumer-brand bridges


  • Know the customer
  • Create and outreach platform

Discover & define the consumer- brand gap/ disconnect


We’re passionate about brands. We’d love to work on yours.