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Brand - Golden Arcs | Parle | Re-branding | Visual Brand Architecture

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The design language is that of unveiling the natural goodness - that’s honest, pure and good. Nature’s best & purest offerings are present within the protective peel. What’s good is Inside!


To assist Parle in entering the health segment by launching digestive cookies under a single unified brand that should be unique & relevant to consumers

New Brand Identity

designed to stand out in cluttered retail space
Procreate Design


1. To create clear positioning/ brand platform and a brand name that can stand the test of time and resonate deeply with humans

2. To create a distinct & meaningful visual brand language for the new brand that differentiates itself from competition

3. To create a unifying visual brand architecture that can hold all health products together

Procreate Design


As food-related health problems persist, people are looking out for simple ways to help them eat healthier. Yet most consumers feel that there is a disconnect between what these brands promise and what they deliver, thereby making food choices unnecessarily complicated. Also there is a lot of indirect fear mongering and guilt that most health brands indulge in.

On the contrary to conventional thinking in health food segment, Simply Good is uniquely positioned on the platform of “Mindful Eating” that talks about sharing a joyful relationship with food and not that of struggle or fear. Simply Good is about experiencing wellbeing through joy of eating good food and savoring the hundred small little joys associated with it.

Since the product experience is about unveiling goodness found in everyday simple natural ingredients like fibers, oats, pure honey and multi grains; hence the brand name, identity and packaging design brings alive the message of 'Celebrating Goodness' around us.