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Brand - Golden Arcs | Parle | Re-branding | Visual Brand Architecture

New identity that conveys an ‘uplifting heavenly blissful experience’.


Parle had launched Golden Arcs a new brand of soft & chewy filled rolls in 2006. The rolls had real fruit fillings and was launched as a multi occasion indulgent snack. However the brand garnered a lukewarm response from consumers.


The earlier Golden Arcs package design lacked a distinct positioning or a powerful visual story to entice the consumer. Somewhere the earlier design also fell short on establishing the product as a premium indulgent snack for the young and upwardly mobile

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New Redesign - Design Range & Retail POS


Indulgent snacks are usually overloaded with flavours and sugared sweetness, hence they are often depicted as dark, sinful, flirtatious and sensual.

However, Golden Arcs were different in way that they were light, nicely baked and delicately flavoured with goodness of real fruits and chocolate. So in contrast to the conventional brand positioning platforms of sinful indulgence,

Golden Arcs was uniquely positioned on the platform of "heavenly bliss" that had undertones of innocence and purity to it. So the idea of "heavenly bliss" became the basis for the new visual language and brand story. Each design element seamlessly weaves into the core brand promise-that of "a pure uplifting heavenly bliss" experience. The new packaging is unique, clutter breaking and is in sync with the product consumption experience.